A rich cultural experience with low environmental impact

Formed from the belief that the arts can – and must – respond to the climate and ecological emergency, Without Form Space is an online exhibition space for London College of Communication students, with a focus on sustainability and accessibility. This project was a collaborative effort between ourselves, design studio OPX and the London College of Communication.

Building a climate-conscious website with a focus on accessibility

The purpose of this exhibition space was two fold; (i) to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience, (ii) and to educate users about the impact of their browsing decisions, prompting them to build more mindful habits.

We developed an algorithm to calculate the amount of carbon you produce when you visit the site and utilised features such as the limited appearance of high-resolution images, visual reminders of energy consumption whilst browsing, and compatibility with keyboard and speech recognition software to ensure accessibility. Providing the user with the settings to customise their experience helped to reinforce the idea that they are in control of how they access online content.