Industry-leading enterprise AI platform

Hyperscience is a fast-growing automation company, powerful and flexible enough to automate any type of document process from input to actionable data with ease.

Flexibility for growth

Hyperscience is a rapidly growing company, and we knew their needs at kick off would be different to those in 6 months time. The key challenge was finding the balance between creating clear and targeted user journeys that encouraged enquiries, whilst also future-proofing the site to allow evolution in-house by the Hyperscience team.

We built the site with our modular system that enables the team to create new content. We created several variations of dropdown navigations that helped surface filters and relevant content with just a single click, allowing users to navigate the site much more efficiently. Bold calls to action made for clearer signposting, whilst always offering relevant onward journeys helped ensure users never reached a dead-end.

I can’t look at the website without crying - it’s all so beautiful! It’s been a highlight of 2022 working with you all to bring this fab new website to life - you have been wonderful to work with and we are grateful for the continued partnership.

Paz Macdonald, Chief Marketing Officer