Film Co

Interactive film and music portfolio website

Brother Film are a creatively-led, video and music production company, based in Peckham and run by three brothers. We worked closely with Brother to design and develop a single website solution that could be utilised for both their film company and their music business.

Reverse scrolling, JSON animations and bespoke WebGL model

Since Brother's two businesses (music and film) are closely interlinked, we wanted to ensure that users could navigate seamlessly between the two sites. We did this by breaking the mould, and allowing users to scroll up from the homepage to view a promo for the sister-site. To accompany this unique feature, we also created a JSON animation from their logo which spins on scroll, as well as a 3D model which sits front-and-centre at the top of the homepage.

This is f*cking brilliant news!! We set out to try and get a Site of the Day, and we’ve done it! 🏆 🙌 Huge well done to all you guys for making this happen - this feels like the perfect pat on the back for what I know was a big project and involved a huge amount of effort from everyone.

Adam, Co-Founder, Brother