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Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications networks, contacted us for help with their technology blog, Gigalife, which was underperforming and in need of a full website re-design. Throughout the site, we introduced numerous examples of UX-enhancing and contextual micro-interactions that not only delight the user but also educate them as they browse around. These include elements such as the custom cursor feature, which changes based on the user’s mouse interactions. When hovering over video content, for instance, the cursor transforms to a ‘Play’ message, and this same logic is applied to various elements throughout the site. In addition to the new, more visually engaging website, which achieved an Honourable Mention from, we also designed the new logo for the Gigalife brand.

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Website design, front-end development, custom WordPress development, content migration, micro-interactions and UI animation.

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