Decca Luxe Masterpieces

Universal Music

A luxury brand and a music legend come together in this storytelling microsite aimed at self-indulgent classical music enthusiasts.

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A discerning audience

Decca Luxe is the private client division of Universal Music, offering unparallelled access to artists and musicians to provide unique products and experiences for the most discerning audience in music.

As part of their Decca Luxe Masterpiece series, the team developed an exclusive, limited-edition and hand-crafted art cabinet, commemorating the life’s work and passion of Luciano Pavarotti.

We delivered

Front End Development, UI design, Animation

An air of mystery and a touch of class

Decca Luxe is a new proposition and a relatively unknown entity, and so the site focused on leveraging the Pavarotti brand to draw in users and grab their attention.

Pre-loader animation

The journey begins with an illustrated intro animation of the masterpiece’s caption: Life in Art. The animation’s purpose is two-fold, serving both as an element of intrigue and also creating a suitable delay to allow the website’s many hi-res images to load in the background.

Linear but engaging

Only 71 of the unique, hand-crafted collectible pieces were created for the project: one to mark each year of Pavarotti’s life.

Possessing an undisclosed but significant price-tag, it was important to guide users through a linear journey to ensure they understood all that went into the production of the pieces. This was achieved by dissecting the site into a series of linear slides, each telling a unique story about Pavarotti and his love of music and art.

Extravagant but tasteful

Creating that feeling of luxury through digital has long been considered a challenge, with brands often relying on high-end photography to achieve the desired effect.

Whilst photography played an important role on the site, it only served to compliment an already high-end and luxurious design.

Graceful parallax

Parallax is the effect achieved by moving objects on the page at varying speeds in response to the user scrolling. This modern coding technique – if done properly – can inject just the right level of animation into a site to deliver that luxury outcome.

User friendly, accessible forms

Designing a site with a personality suitable for an affluent audience was just one part of the challenge. To maximise the chances of users enquiring about the pieces, the forms on the site were developed with simplicity and usability in mind. Using a responsive framework, the form design followed Google’s renowned best practice UX principles.

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