Recruitment Website & Rebrand

Spirit Resourcing

Delivering a fresh new brand and Wordpress powered recruitment platform.

Spirit Resourcing

Spirit are a major player in the resourcing and recruitment sector and as part of a move into the food and drinks industry we were asked to give the brand a refresh with a wink and a nod to their new sector specialism.



As part of the rebrand a new WordPress website and self contained, fully featured recruitment platform was also required.





We delivered

Branding, UX, UI, Front-end development and WordPress

The Rebrand

Starting from the ground up we brought together themes of exploration and new frontiers, of reaching for the skies and discovering hidden potential. Space exploration as a source of imagery and inspiration proved a fertile direction for the brand going forward.



Logo & brand application

The logo was developed to represent the spirit of exploration which is a theme that evolved during the branding consultation stage. We took our inspiration from the early space missions of the 50s and 60s and created a dynamic avian logo mark.

The second part of the branding task was to apply the brand in the food and drink sector. We were able to achieve this with a series of tongue in cheek product shot posters and digital assets.

Website design and features

The website needed to reflect the new brand and deliver a fully featured, dynamic and fresh recruitment platform. Features included a one time only animated logo intro and a drag-and-drop CV upload tool, all housed within an easy-to-manage WordPress CMS.



Responsive design

For the mobile and tablet versions of the site we stripped back some of the design complexities in favour of delivering an easy-to-use and functional mobile solution.

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