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Bringing the wonderfully unconventional London neighbourhood of Vauxhall to the world wide web in all its colour and vibrancy

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Vauxhall is an area of London with a colourful history and unique personality.

As part of a rebrand carried out by our friends at Anatomy Brands, we worked alongside them to deliver a new WordPress website to celebrate Vauxhall’s quirks and colours in all their glory.

We delivered

Front-end development and custom WordPress integration. Interactive map.

Front-end “BrAnimation”

Interpreting such a unique and colourful brand online presented a host of great opportunities to show of our front-end development skills – in particular our love for code-based animations.

Alongside a series of load, scroll, hover and click animations, we also introduced several parallax effects and floating effects across all of the illustrated brand elements on the site.

Loading sequence UX

Our goal with the site was to combine the interesting brand elements in a way that helped the overall user experience of the site, rather than hindered it. We did this by introducing a branded loading sequence, as well as branded carousel animations – things that would have been part of the core site build anyway, but which had more visual impact when branded.



User focus

Using animation to load objects on the page in a set sequence, we made sure that the last items to load on the page were the text objects we wanted users to focus their attention on.



Interactive Map

One of the greatest challenges of the project, and also one of our proudest achievements, is the interactive map, allowing users to browse through the various retailers in Vauxhall via a user-friendly map view.



Mobile First

Often the greatest challenge with interactive maps is making them easy-to-use for mobile users. With several interactive map projects under our belt already, this enabled us to develop a technical solution for the map that would work great across all screen sizes and devices.

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