Dental nursing for the gig economy


Creating an on-demand digital recruitment platform for a new generation of dental nurses


Fairnurse is an online marketplace that seeks to connect qualified dental nurses with local practices, providing emergency, short-term and long-term dental nurse cover. Unlike traditional dental nurse agencies that pay their nurses £10-£12/hour, Fairnurse’s goal is to bring the fairness back into nursing, offering all of its nurses nationwide a minimum of £20/hour, whilst at the same time charging dental practices the same rates they already pay.



As part of the launch of this new service, we created the Fairnurse name, brand, marketing website and designed and developed their entire marketplace platform.





We delivered

Branding, UX, UI, Front-end development and WordPress

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The Brand

Fairnurse is a play on the words ‘fairness’ and ‘nurse’, and was chosen because of its uniqueness, simplicity and relevance to the underlying ambitions of the business.



Whilst Fairnurse currently occupies the dental nurse market, it has a grand vision to bring fair pay to the entire nursing industry, from veterinary nurses to the NHS. This vision is reflected in the logomark, where we opted for a heart accompanied by a subtle tick, indicating both health and positivity.



Photography & Illustration

Following in the footsteps of other technology-driven businesses that are powered by people (think Uber/Deliveroo), we chose to combine photography for its sense of realism with illustration for its sense of fun. The two combine together to create unique frames and shapes that work remarkably well with both real imagery and stock photography.


Colour pairings

A unique set of paired back pastel colours were used to help bring the brand to life, with a trustworthy “NHS blue” supported by friendly greens, pinks and greys.


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The marketplace

At the core of the business is the online marketplace, where dental practices can come to find qualified and verified nurses.

To sign-up, nurses simply need to create a profile, much like on Linkedin or Facebook. Once the basic profile is created, nurses can begin to add their experience and expertise, such as specialist skills or software knowledge.




In order to accept jobs on the platform, nurses must first verify themselves by uploading a copy of their nursing qualification certificate alongside various other identity documents.

Once verified, nurses are free to browse open jobs, apply for jobs and also become visible within the practice nurse directory.


Launch ?

Fairnurse is currently in beta-testing and is due to launch fully in spring 2019.

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