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British Land

Combining customer service, marketing and analytics to increase shopper dwell-time, footfall and spend.

Project Overview

Our long-standing client, British Land, is the UK’s largest retail property landlord. They approached us with the following challenge:

“How can we increase footfall, dwell-time and spend amongst our shoppers?”





Research & Analysis

We love a challenge, so we started off by researching shopper behaviour, establishing a list of reasons why someone might leave a shopping centre earlier than planned. Amongst this list were obvious things like lack of toilets, but more interesting findings included a clear link between boredom of children or partners leading shoppers to abandon their trip earlier than expected.


Once we had established the key correlations leading to abandoned shopping trips, we began to plot out some possible solutions. Our main finding was that a 1% increase in dwell-time is directly linked to a 1.3% increase in spending, so we knew if we could find a way to increase shopper dwell-time that we would be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.



Video Concept

Once we had the idea, it was time to sell it in. In order to communicate the full extent of our concept to a variety of tech-savvy – and not so tech-savvy – stakeholders, we decided to present the idea in video format.




The full video concept can be found here.

Visual Design

Once we had stakeholder buy-in, it was all systems go. The concept was iterated over a period of weeks, until eventually we had a fully-functional version of the mobile app ready to be piloted at British Land’s flagship shopping centre. The pilot app included a map-based wayfinding solution, store directory, offers, events, iBeacon monster hunt and contextual push notifications.

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