Website & Web Application Redesign


Rebrand, Wordpress website development and data design tool UX/UI.

Big Data

Big Data for Humans (BD4H) boast the world’s first automated customer insights engine that uses networks to analyse customers. To give the company a new identity we were asked to carry out a re-design of their website in line with a full company re-brand and UX/UI for their customer insights tool.



We worked to a very tight schedule to deliver both projects and so constant collaboration with the client was key.



Logo-mark variations

We developed the logo with “mountains of data” very much at the forefront of our minds. The mountains build up layers (which is the power of big data) and everything is contained within a 3D graph space which creates the bounding box for the logo mark.





We delivered

Branding, UX, UI, WordPress development

Roll out

Following on from the rebrand the new design was rolled out across BD4Hs digital and print mediums. This included stationary and a full website redesign.

The Website

We began by creating a set of high-fidelity, annotated wireframes denoting the layout, structure and functionality for each page. In partnership with the BD4H team we developed a bespoke set of functionality including appointment booking, blogging, team profiles and user registration. In line with the new brand the client wanted a clean, bold & impactful site. Colour and wide screen imagery, along with large blocks of strong typography were used to convey the key data and information on the site.

Responsive design

For the mobile and tablet versions of the site we simplified the user experience and focused on emphasising the key conversion journeys, delivering an easy-to-use appointment booking system and simple enquiry forms.

Tool redesign

The last stage of the project was to deliver the UX/UI for software product. BD4H have spent many years developing a powerful data analysis tool, and we were tasked with sensitively applying the new brand and updating – and improving – the UX and UI of the tool, as well as making it responsive and navigable across a wide range of devices.

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