Bank 2.0: The bank of the future


Developing the bank of the future for the largest bank in Saudi Arabia.

Project Overview

National Commercial Bank (NCB) is the largest bank in Saudi Arabia. Working alongside their Dubai-based digital agency over a period of 3 months, we re-architected the customer experience throughout their entire digital offering, from web and app through to street-level ATM machines.





We delivered

Research, User Journey Maps, Wireframes, UX/UI Design

Research & Analysis

Developing the banking experience of the future is one of the largest projects we have undertaken here at Mallard & Claret, and the project timeline was no less challenging. We were tasked with delivering sitemaps, user journeys, wireframes and experience specifications for every digital touchpoint, within 3 months.

The project required extensive research of banking customers, financial products, stakeholder requirements, IT infrastructure, legal requirements and awareness of the challenges and trends in online banking. We were also dealing with a very specific segment of banking customers – high net worth Saudi businessmen.





Old Meets New

Despite being the largest bank in Saudi Arabia, the rise and stardom of fin-tech start-ups pose an equal threat to NCB as their goliath competitors. These smaller, more agile businesses have built their reputations on providing an exceptional user experience to their customers, and are becoming a significant threat to the goliaths who struggle to innovate and adapt.

In today’s world, more and more interactions between banks and customers have moved to digital devices, and so this project was about more than just a lick of paint. As the author of the book Bank 2.0 puts it: “The future of banking is about connections with your customers, engaging them when and where they need banking to solve a problem or provide a service. Banks won’t be able to influence people with clever ad campaigns, better rates, or talk of branch networks.”





User Experience Design

To work effectively with the Dubai project team, we switched to their work week: Sunday to Thursday. Over three months, we produced more than 1,000 pages of UX documentation covering every aspect of the digital banking customer experience. Areas covered included location, personalisation, immediacy, cross-device journeys, self service and customisation, with a huge focus on context – providing users with the right information at the right time.

Working together with NCB’s local digital agency, the UX was translated into full UI designs that spanned the public banking website, private banking site, business banking site and all mobile web and app variations, including ATM.

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