Why all cakes taste better with icing on them

Using animation to educate users and bring brands to life online

Pj Jones

Animate to captivate, educate and resonate.

Although it still amazes us that so few websites these days include any meaningful form of animation, we’re secretly glad about it. That’s because animation is an integral part of our web design process, and the noticeable lack of animation around the web is a good sign that we’ll be in business for some time to come.

For many, animation is considered an afterthought, and is often left out altogether where time or budget constraints take priority. It’s true, animation takes time, but it also helps bring brands to life online, and can play a significant role in delivering optimal user experiences. It’s the icing on the cake, and as we all know, a cake without icing lacks the va-va-voom factor.

Interested to see some animation in action? Take a look at how we’ve incorporated animation into some of our recent client projects in the video below.

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