How to choose which CMS to use for your website

Georgie Blumsom

When deciding which Content Management System (CMS) to use for your business, one can often be swamped with a sea of choices.

So what do you do?

Looking at the latest statistics and market share, WordPress is used by 26.1% of websites, with its CMS’ market share reaching 59.2%. That means that of all the websites that have a CMS, nearly 60% of them use WordPress as their CMS of choice.

These statistics greatly exceed other CMS platforms, such as Joomla, which despite being the second most popular CMS on the market, only has a market share of 6.2%, and Drupal, which only has 4.7% of the market.

So why is WordPress good for building websites?

1. Usability

Ease-of-use is one of the main reasons that many new businesses have taken a liking to WordPress. Even if you’ve never laid eyes on WordPress before, the chances are you’ll be able to learn to use it in a matter of minutes, without the aid of training manuals or any prior technical knowledge. It requires zero programming or coding skills.

2. Cost

Compared to other CMS platforms, building a website with WordPress is generally always the most cost-effective option. Whether or not you are building a completely custom site or working from an off-the-shelf theme, WordPress development as a whole is cheaper than other types of programming.

3. Plugins

Unlike traditional web development where everything needs to be coded from scratch, WordPress benefits from a library of pre-written programs called Plugins, that will help you to enhance and scale the functionality of your website more quickly and cost-effectively than other platforms might allow.

4. SEO

Speaking of plugins, WordPress has some amazing (and FREE) SEO plugins to help your website rank highly on search engine results pages. Not only that, WordPress automatically solves a large number of SEO challenges associated with traditional website projects. At its core, WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS platform that provides you with dozens of tools that can help you to optimize each page on your website.

4. Maintainability & Support

Due to the large number of developers contributing to the open-source WordPress community, WordPress as a platform just keeps getting better and better. Whether it be SEO, security, plugins or just reassurance that you are using the most future-proofed and well-supported content management system on the market, you simply can’t choose a more robust, better value for money and functionally rich CMS platform than WordPress.

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