Glossary of interactivity

Welcome to M&C’s glossary of interactivity, an A-Z list of the best interactions from across the worldwide web. If you have an interaction you’d like to see featured on this page, please drop us a line.

is for Animation
is for Buttons & Bots

Sign-up button hover effect

A fun method of providing feedback to the user that clicking the button will take them to the next step of the journey.

Button click feedback

A great way of showing users in real-time that their action has completed - particularly useful if the user can then continue to repeat the action multiple times.

Upload / Submission Progress Indicators

A nice visual indicator that the user's action has completed successfully, or indeed, unsuccessfully.

Particle effect

Animated particle effects are a great way to bring life to CTA buttons. View the full set of examples by clicking on the image.
is for Cookies & Carousels

Historical Timeline Carousel

A smooth horizontal carousel, perfect for presenting historical timelines.

Prism Effect Image Carousel

Interesting prism effect presented on top of an imagery gallery.
is for Drag & Drop

Photo upload tool

Drag and drop photo upload tool, displays thumbnails of each image upon upload.

Multiple file upload

Based on the file upload tool on Freelancer, this version allows users to drag-and-drop multiple uploads at once.
is for Forms

Proximity form feedback

Animated checkboxes

A fun and visual way to show checkbox selection.

Animated To Do list

Nice CSS cross-out effect to visualise completion of list items.
is for Hover Effects
Hover Effects

Grid layout with motion hover effect

is for Images
is for Menus

Expanding grid menu

An eye-catching and quite practical menu concept utilising CSS grid.
is for Notifications
is for Text Effects

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